In 1996 Reverend Dr. Warren B. Jackson and the late Mrs. Aletha Linder-Jackson began to pen their thoughts, ideas, and dreams regarding ministry. Rev. Dr. Warren B. Jackson believed that the name of the business and ministry would be "Rise Above It" not knowing fully the future that they both would have to endure. The business venture which consisted of three locations within the Daytona Beach area would house offices that would cater to the needs of those families that would need assistance financially, housings, and in other areas. This dream became a reality in 1999, when Dr. & Mrs. Aletha Jackson would acquire a state grant in the amount of $900,000.00. This grant would assist in helping those in need better themselves. It would also help in stabilizing indigent families.

This venture would not be an easy one, much financial accountability, many individuals and people looking over "ones" shoulder, and the lack of unity amongst many. However, this would not shake the Jackson's faith, they would continue to do all that was possible to assist those who needed and wanted the help. Dr. Jackson would continue to vie for other grants, while Mrs. Aletha would oversee and ensure that finances would appropriately be distributed to those in need. A board of directors was established and accountability was set in order. This would ensure accurate alignment according to budget and contract guidelines. This venture would be the beginning of many things that the Jackson's would do.

However, also in this year, Mrs. Aletha Jackson would be diagnosed with breast cancer, this would come at such a time, and the battle of fighting against this "beast" would be one of much trouble. Many frustrations, tears, pain and disenfranchisement of family and friends would take place, However, regardless of what would take place, Dr. and Mrs. Aletha Jackson would stand together unwaveringly against the disease, negative words, bad influences and the such.

On April 21, 2002, Resurrection Sunday at 6:49 pm, Mrs. Aletha Jackson would go home to be with the Lord Jesus Christ. With Joy and Sorrow, Dr. Jackson would continue to face many challenges ahead. However, he would always say, "We are never defeated in Christ Jesus". Rise Above It I. C. S. would come to an end and the beginning phase of the church would begin. This ministry would start in the home of Dr. Jackson with his two sons, Peter and Emmanuel on July 8, 2003. It would grow into 12 people and then move to the Marriott Hotel, and then on to a store front on Bellville Road in South Daytona, Florida where the church would remain for 3 years. Later the church would acquire its own facility in Holly Hill, Florida.

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